The Stations mural

Posted in Arcana on May 31, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Grinding Station

The four Fifth Dawn Stations, as seen in Aaron Forsythe's article on Friday, have art that lines up to form one long mural.

An interesting story behind the "Stations mural" is how it came to be painted by two different artists. When it was decided that the art for the Stations should connect up, there was no one artist at the time who was available to do four paintings. Steve Tappin and Greg Staples were both promised two cards from Fifth Dawn, and as it happened, Magic art director Jeremy Cranford knew they were good friends. Jeremy asked if they were willing to work together to create a giant "artifact machine," and they were game.

The original order in which they were layed out was:
Grinding Station, Blasting Station, Salvaging Station, Summoning Station

The Great Machine

However, to reflect that the Stations can combine very flexibly in multiple ways, the pieces are interchangeable. The two artists made sure the art lines up so well, and they kept such a similar artistic style between them, that any of the Stations can link up with any of the others in any order.

Tune in tomorrow for another factoid about the art of the Stations!

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