Stir the Grave scene

Posted in Arcana on May 10, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Betrayers of Kamigawa's Stir the Grave, a reanimation spell found in Gadiel Szleifer's winning Pro Tour Philadelphia deck, depicts a typical, zombie-filled reanimation scene:

If you look closely, the art contains references to two other Champions of Kamigawa legends.

Nighteyes the Desecrator

The first is Nighteyes the Desecrator -- the "leveled-up" version of Nezumi Graverobber, also in Gadiel's deck (sideboarded). Nighteyes is the necromancer seen in the background raising all those zombies.

The second legend shown in Stir the Grave is more subtle. According to the art description, the entire scene takes place at the haunted, legendary battlefield Shizo, Death's Storehouse (which is also in Gadiel's deck)!

You might say that in such a flavor-filled block, theme decks win Pro Tours!

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