Striding Through Sludge

Posted in Arcana on March 26, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

When Conflux was concepted, the idea was that cards would show the results of planes overlapping, so there would be cards that combined the feel of Bant and Naya, for example.

So when Franz Vohwinkel's initial sketch for Sludge Strider came back, there was a little concern that it looked too purely Grixis-y:

Luckily, Franz had some ideas for slipping in some filigree and Esper-ing up the background:

And by the final sketch, we had an image that neatly combined the dripping skulls of Grixis with the geometric landscapes of Esper:

Nice job, Franz! And here's what this great art looks like on the card:

Sludge Strider

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