Sun and Moon Sketches

Posted in Arcana on June 19, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

As we've occasionally mentioned, artists sometimes give us more than one sketch to choose from. For Wheel of Sun and Moon, Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai outdid themselves. But let's start at the beginning.

The art description was purposely vague:

This is an abstract piece. Show a circular design that interlaces braid and knot patterns with imagery of Shadowmoor elves, European animals, and astronomy (sun, moon and stars). It should resemble an ancient Celtic knot design. This card is about rebirth and the cycles of nature; symbolism should be about revolutions, orbits, seasons, and life/death, night/day duality.

Here's what they came back with

Wheel of Sun and Moon sketches

The creative team was delighted, of course, and would probably have accepted any of the three options. They went with C, leading to this full-size work of art:

Wheel of Sun and Moon art by Zoltan Gabor & Boros Szikszai

And here's how it looks shrunk back down to card size:

Wheel of Sun and Moon

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