"Swarmyardables" in Standard

Posted in Arcana on November 9, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

TheTime Spiral card Swarmyard is a throwback to the venerable land Elephant Graveyard. Swarmyard is a bit powered up - it's able to regenerate a much wider variety of creatures, and most of them are rather small creepy-crawlies that might need to regenerate more often than your typical Elephant.

What cards currently in Standard can be regenerated by Swarmyard?

Card Creature Type
Aquastrand Spider Creature - Spider Mutant
Barbed Shocker Creature - Insect
Brass Gnat Artifact Creature - Insect
Frostweb Spider Snow Creature - Spider
Giant Cockroach Creature - Insect
Giant Spider Creature - Spider
Gleancrawler Creature - Insect Horror
Gobhobbler Rats Creature - Rat
Goliath Spider Creature - Spider
Grave-Shell Scarab Creature - Insect
Hellhole Rats Creature - Rat
Jhoira's Timebug Artifact Creature - Insect
Mistform Ultimus Legendary Creature - Illusion
Mortipede Creature - Insect
Nantuko Husk Creature - Zombie Insect
Nantuko Shaman Creature - Insect Shaman
Penumbra Spider Creature - Spider
Plague Beetle Creature - Insect
Ravenous Rats Creature - Rat
Razortooth Rats Creature - Rat
Silklash Spider Creature - Spider
Steam Spitter Creature - Spider
Swamp Mosquito Creature - Insect
Swarm of Rats Creature - Rat
Unyaro Bees Creature - Insect

P.S. If you're building a deck around Swarmyard, you should consider Ratcatcher as well -- he's not himself targetable by the land, but quite the friend to Ratkind! (Speaking of targetable, Giant Solifuge is an Insect, but can't be targetted by the land's ability.)

P.P.S. Note that the vermin in the art are chewing on a bloated, dead... you guessed it... Elephant.

Swarmyard art by Thomas M. Baxa

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