The Symbol of Avacyn, Part 2

Posted in Arcana on March 1, 2012

By Monty Ashley

Although Avacyn is missing from Innistrad, her symbol is everywhere. We originally covered this in September by looking at several pieces of art from Innistrad that showed the symbol. Since then, Dark Ascension has come out, and that means it's time to take another look. Hooray!

The most prominent place to see the symbol of Avacyn is in the iconography of her church. For example, there's this collar:

Avacyn's Collar | Art by James Paick

You'd think those collars would be unique to the priesthood, but they've also collared their griffins:

Silverclaw Griffin | Art by Daniel Ljunggren

Even Clerics who aren't working inside the church wield Avacyn's symbol. Thraben Doomsayer has a staff that should look very familiar at this point.

Thraben Doomsayer | Art by John Stanko

The obvious symbol on Executioner's Hood is on the wall in the background. But a closer inspection of the hood itself reveals that the symbol has been stiched onto the face!

Executioner's Hood | Art by Anthony Palumbo

The symbol of Avacyn is so widespread, it's even in common use as a gravestone, as seen in Grafdigger's Cage

Grafdigger's Cage | Art by Daniel Ljunggren

In fact, we've already shown you gravestones in that shape. Scroll back up to that Silverclaw Griffin and check out the graveyard. There are a couple of broken stones that clearly used to be in the shape of the symbol of Avacyn.

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