Ten Generations of Chronozoa

Posted in Arcana on February 7, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

You first saw Chronozoa as Mark Rosewater’s example of the vanishing mechanic during Planar Chaos previews. Its similarity to a single-celled eukaryote is significant—if left unchecked, its growth potential is exponential. But what does exponential growth mean, really? If you had plenty of turns for Chronozoa to do its thing, what would it look like?

Generation 0

1 Chronozoa

Generation 1

2 Chronozoa

Generation 2

4 Chronozoa

Generation 3

8 Chronozoa

Generation 4

16 Chronozoa

Generation 5

32 Chronozoa

Generation 6

64 Chronozoa

Generation 7

128 Chronozoa

Generation 8

256 Chronozoa

Generation 9

512 Chronozoa

At this point we run out of pixels to reasonably display any more Chronozoa in a typical browser window, but that doesn’t mean Chronozoa can’t keep going! 2^10 Chronozoa would be 1024 of the flying 3/3s, and so on.

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