Tenth Edition Fat Pack

Posted in Arcana on July 16, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic Game Day whetted your appetite for Tenth Edition. Now that you have all these Tenth cards lying around—or you didn't make it to Game Day and you need to kick off your Tenth Edition collection with a bang—find yourself a Tenth Edition fat pack.

Tenth Edition Fat Pack
Tenth Edition Fat Pack contents

As you can see above, the fat pack comes with:

  • A player's guide with a complete visual encyclopedia of the set,
  • Two card boxes with a panoramic art (see below) by Kev Walker, and six color-coded card dividers,
  • Six Tenth Edition boosters,
  • A pack of 40 Tenth Edition basic lands,
  • A Tenth Edition Spindown life counter (only available in this fat pack), and
  • One random Pro Tour Player card.
Tenth Edition Fat Pack
Tenth Edition Fat Pack

Kev Walker's panorama depicts Reya Dawnbringer and two Serra Angels taking on the Lord of the Pit—a classic battle of the forces of good versus a singular master of evil. The panorama art is tiled across the two card boxes in such a way that they line up when placed next to each other.

Tenth Edition Fat Pack
Tenth Edition fat pack panorama by Kev Walker

Check the hobby store nearest you for the Tenth Edition fat pack!

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