Tenth Edition Token Art

Posted in Arcana on September 13, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Way back at the beginning of the summer we showed you that token cards would be in Tenth Edition. Today we take a look at the art created for of each of these tokens, and the Tenth cards that would generate them. If it turns out that there are token-generating cards in Lorwyn (and there just might be), you'll find all-new token cards in packs of Lorwyn.

Dragon token art by Jim Pavelec – For use with Dragon Roost

Goblin token art by Dave Kendall – For use with Siege-Gang Commander

Saproling token art by Cyril Van Der Haegen – For use with Verdant Force

Soldier token art by Parente – For use with Mobilization

Insect/Wasp token art by Ron Spencer – For use with The Hive

Zombie token art by Carl Critchlow – For use with Midnight Ritual

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