Through the Legs of Larger Folk

Posted in Arcana on January 2, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

This article originally ran November 7, 2007

The first kithkin in Magic, Amrou Kithkin from Legends, is flavored as being so short and agile that it's able to "run between the legs" of creatures much larger than it. Its Weatherlight homage, Kithkin Armor, continued this flavor trend, granting the sneaky nimbleness of a kithkin to another creature.

Amrou Kithkin
Kithkin Armor

This established a pattern of kithkin being unaffected by "big stuff." Future Sight's Mistmeadow Skulk has a new look at that same flavor, with its protection from high converted mana costs.

Mistmeadow Skulk

In Lorwyn, the kithkin legend Gaddock Teeg also captures some of that flavor, and puts an exclamation point on it—he makes it impossible to cast noncreature spells with high mana costs at all!

Gaddock Teeg

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