Thursday Night Magic Online

Posted in Arcana on August 5, 2010

By Monty Ashley

So. Thursday, right? What a drag. It's a whole day until Friday Night Magic. What to do, what to do ...

Well, guess what? You could be playing Magic right now! Probably! Depending on when you read this!

You can practice for Friday Night Magic from the comfort of your own home with Thursday Night Magic Online! Each Thursday beginning August 5, these casual 3-round Swiss pairing events provide a great way for inexperienced players to try out tournaments or for veteran players to try new strategies. As an added bonus, everyone who participates in a Thursday Night Magic Online event gets a digital copy of the monthly Friday Night Magic promo card!

Want to double the fun and test your skills at your friendly local game store? Find a Friday Night Magic location near you.

Now, when we say Thursday "Night" Magic, we are aware that the planet is spherical. So events are very Thursday at 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC), 3:00 PM PDT (22:00 UTC), and 8:00 PM PDT (Friday 3:00 UTC). That way, you ought to be able to play on Thursday evening almost no matter where you are! And if you want to secretly playon Thursday afternoon or something, we promise not to tell anyone.

There's more information here, including a handsome image of this month's promo card. What is it? Well, you'll have to click the link to find out!

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