Time Restriction

Posted in Arcana on August 10, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Since the beginning of Magic, "time" has been synonymous with power, and only thirteen cards have been printed with the word "Time" in the title:

Time Spiral
Time Vault (Alpha)
Time Walk (Alpha)
Timetwister (Alpha)
Time Elemental (Legends)
Time Bomb (Ice Age)
Sands of Time (Visions)
Time and Tide(Visions)
Time Ebb (Tempest and Portal)
Time Warp (Tempest)
Time Spiral (Urza's Saga)
Time Stretch (Odyssey)
Seedtime (Judgment)

Of these thirteen cards, three (Spiral, Walk, and Twister) are currently restricted in Type 1 (and therefore banned in Type 1.5), with another one (Vault) that was at one point banned outright in Type 1. That means that statistically, a card with "Time" in the title has a 31% chance of being banned in some format.

There are also eight cards with "Yawgmoth" in the title; two (Yawgmoth's Bargain and Yawgmoth's Will) are currently restricted in Type 1. Presumably, if a card is ever printed called "Yawgmoth's Time Mox", it will go away very quickly.

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