Time Spiral Minisite!

Posted in Arcana on August 30, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Wednesday shall now be referred to as “Time Spiral Minisite Update Day.”

“What’s a minisite,” you ask? Where have you been for the last two years of Magic releases, exactly?

From the Latin, “mini-“ means small, and “site” is also from the Latin meaning “cool World Wide Web destination.” What it means to you is gobs of content dedicated to this October’s Time Spiral set, including exclusive art previews, special storyline clues, puzzle games, full online comics and more.

Four weeks from now you’ll have the full download on the set. That’s right, four Wednesdays—that is, four “Time Spiral Minisite Update Days”—of minisite content. Today it kicks things off with a look at Magic’s central plane of Dominaria. Time Spiral returns to this famous plane—how has it fared since the time of the false god Karona? Surely things are hunky-dory after all those apocalypses, right? Find out, do a puzzle featuring Time Spiral card art, and check out a classic Antiquities War Magic comic right in your browser.

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