Time Spiral Style Guide: Green

Posted in Arcana on October 2, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Today we take a look at Time Spiral’s green environments and creatures through peeks at the Time Spiral style guide.

A style guide is a document of text and reference illustrations used to guide artists who work on a Magic set. The concepts illustrations in the Time Spiral style guide are by Jeremy Jarvis (lead concept illustrator), Anthony Waters, Kev Walker, Mark Tedin, Rob Alexander, and Vance Kovacs.

The repeated cataclysms across Dominaria’s face have taken their toll, and no biome has felt it more bitterly than the plane’s forests. The trees are gray and rotting. Canopy dwellers have been forced from the treetops into sullen hovels in the base of dead tree-trunks. The only vegetation that survives is a sickly, fungal kudzu that covers everything.

The stubborn fungal kudzu that ekes out an existence on the dead trees of Llanowar and other Dominarian forests

The elves, subsisting on the mossy scraps, are emaciated but determined. Check out their visible ribs and attenuated limbs. See also cards like Pendelhaven Elder, Search for Tomorrow, and Greenseeker.

Emaciated elves in combat poses. Note the washed-out coloration.

For reasons even planeswalkers do not yet understand, the mana has drained from the land as time storms ravage the plane. See scenes of the husk of Dominaria’s forests in the art of cards like Squall Line, Durkwood Tracker, Might of Old Krosa.

Forest concept illustration by Jeremy Jarvis

Forest image by Craig Mullins

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