Time Spiral Style Guide: White

Posted in Arcana on October 12, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Today we take a look at Time Spiral’s white environments and creatures through peeks at the Time Spiral style guide.

A style guide is a document of text and reference illustrations used to guide artists who work on a Magic set. The concepts illustrations in the Time Spiral style guide are by Jeremy Jarvis (lead concept illustrator), Anthony Waters, Kev Walker, Mark Tedin, Rob Alexander, and Vance Kovacs.

We started with the green environments last time, and saw the devastation to Dominaria’s forests. Now we take a look at the salt plains.

The land is scoured by salt winds, and statues from bygone times don’t fare much better

The plains are dry salt flats blasted by windstorms. Nothing grows here; in fact the scouring winds, spiked with dust and jagged salt crystals, tears down anything that once stood. Dunes of salt pile up while the wind carves tunnels and sinkholes in the land.

The once-glimmering spires of Benalia

Plains4The iron skeletons of Benalish towers show through the marble. You can see, in Richard Wright’s Plains art (right), that survivors have adapted to life in the pitted remains of their former plains homes.

The salt is the number one killer here—it corrodes clothing and stings the eyes and skin. The renegades cling to life here by keeping the amount of exposed skin to a minimum. Below are some concept sketches of the jury-rigged headwraps employed by humanoids here. Compare to the art of cards like Weathered Bodyguards, Griffin Guide and Children of Korlis.

When the wind eats your skin, you bundle up

Below is a concept illustration for a white-aligned human knight. Not all survivors bundle up as much as this chap, especially when only going for short trips above ground. Compare with the art of cards like Amrou Scout and Pentarch Ward.

On the salt plains, corroded armor is better than nothing

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