Time Spiral Token Art #1

Posted in Arcana on September 11, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Time Spiral cards generate token creatures.

A lot of them.

By which we mean, a lot of Time Spiral cards generate token creatures, and many of them generate a lot of tokens.

And since these cards will be doing their token-cranking best in Magic Online starting October 30th, new art was commissioned for all those tokens. Today we start showing off some of these token art pieces.

We begin with one of the most common types of creature token in Magic.

Saproling token art by Warren Mahy

Ravnica brought saproling token-generation to the fore recently, but in fact saprolings are steeped in history. This is a Time Spiral saproling: as you may have read in the Time Spiral minisite, Dominaria is undergoing hard times. After a series of plane-wide disasters, vegetation is scarce. Saprolings here are sturdy and compact little fungi, not the verdant crystal-growers of Ravnica.

Ready for more?

Goblin token art by Thomas M. Baxa

Of course there are goblin tokens. In fact, no less than three Time Spiral cards generate goblin tokens. As you can see, goblins are a bit worse for wear in the time-rift-afflicted world as well. But if nothing else, goblins are survivors—they adapt, and they multiply.

Last one for today.

Token art by Heather Hudson

Here's a slightly odder token. We're not giving away what creature type this thing is just yet, but maybe you can figure it out. Here's a hint: It's Time Spiral, where Dominaria's past gets mingled with its present. Think old-school, and post your guesses to the boards.

Watch Magic Arcana for more Time Spiral token art, and keep in mind that prereleases start September 23!

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