Time Spiral Token Art #2

Posted in Arcana on September 14, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

On Monday we looked at the art commissioned for a few Time Spiral tokens for Magic Online. Today we dig a bit deeper into that token art. We should let you know that we’re still just scratching the surface of the amount of new art commissioned for tokens.

Today’s tokens represent a slightly odder group of creature types from last time. As you’ll see at the prerelease, Time Spiral is bursting at the seams with its menagerie of creatures.

We begin with a reference to a recent card preview.

Thrull token art by Mark Tedin

Check out the art of Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder in Jeff Till’s preview puzzle solution. Endrek Sahr, courtesy of Dominaria’s thrashing temporal rifts, is back to his fleshcrafting ways once again. Mark Tedin painted the legend and the token he generates. Note the throwback look—these are not your Ravnica thrulls. (By the way, Endrek Sahr isn’t the only card in Time Spiral that creates thrull tokens.)

How about another creature of the night?

Bat token art by Mark Poole

There’s more to this bat than meets the eye. It may have something to do with somebody shown on one of the Time Spiral booster packaging designs.

Ready to earn your Dominarian citizenship?

Citizen token art by Michael Phillippi

This poor soul has been displaced in time from his native Icatia, and he’s not happy to see the state of his surroundings. What has happened to his home? What has happened to the plane? Why was he summoned here? We can tell you that this fellow is depicted in the background of the Time Spiral card that does the summoning. Maybe you’ll open it up for use in your sealed deck at the prerelease!

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