Posted in Arcana on September 18, 2012

By Monty Ashley

As you may know, there are tokens in Return to Ravnica. But you might not know exactly what they look like. Let's fix that!

Return to Ravnica Bird TokenEyes in the Skies

Bird tokens are always popular, right? And one of the cards that creates them is Eyes in the Skies, which gives us an excuse to show a card with populate. See what we're doing? Tokens... populate... it all makes sense!

Return to Ravnica Knight TokenSelesnya Charm

Knight tokens. Yay!

Return to Ravnica Soldier TokenPrecinct Captain

Yes, the existence of populate means there are a lot of different token options. Soldiers are slightly smaller than Knights. They're also less vigilant.

Return to Ravnica Assassin TokenVraska the Unseen

If I could take a moment to share something with you, I want you to know that the Assassin token is my favorite token in the set. That's just a great token.

Return to Ravnica Dragon Token Return to Ravnica Goblin Token

Hmm. We haven't previewed a cards that make Dragon tokens or Goblin tokens. Weird!

Return to Ravnica Centaur TokenCall of the Conclave

Centaurs are traditionally 3/3 creatures. And this one is no exception! Look, it's hard to think of things to say about tokens, okay?

Return to Ravnica Ooze TokenSlime Molding

Not all tokens have preprinted powers and toughnesses. Because who knows how big your Ooze is going to be? The answer is in your heart!

Return to Ravnica Rhino Token

Whoops! It's another mysterious token. There are apparently Rhinos running around in Ravnica. You probably want to watch out for that.

Return to Ravnica Saproling TokenKorozda Guildmage

Saprolings were introduced to Magic back in Fallen Empires with cards like Elvish Farmer and Night Soil.

Return to Ravnica Wurm TokenWorldspine Wurm

BOOM! When Worldspine Wurm dies, it shatters into three "tiny" versions.

Return to Ravnica Wurm TokenGrove of the Guardians

Hey, here's something interesting! Did you notice that this is the only token with a guild watermark? Well, it is!

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