Tokens of Origins

Posted in Arcana on July 1, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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Like the rest of Magic Origins, the tokens that you'll find in booster packs take us around the Multiverse. You'll get to see a valiant Knight of Ravnica, an Elf straight out of Lorwyn, and a Demon clearly from Innistrad, among several others.

Additionally, we've cooked up some new tokens and emblems to go along with the classics. Let's start with the emblems, of which we have one each for Jace, Chandra, and Liliana. (Be sure to swing by the Card Image Gallery to see which cards make which tokens.)

Although Nissa doesn't get in on the emblem party, she does bring with her a legendary Elemental token.

You can get that token, and the rest of these, when Origins releases July 17 at stores everywhere.

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