Tome... or Tomb?

Posted in Arcana on March 5, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Peter Adkison

Peter Adkison was the founder of Wizards of the Coast and its CEO until 2001. When Legends was being created, the designers wanted to pay homage to Peter.

Alchor was the name of Peter's main Dungeon & Dragons character that he had been playing for nearly 20 years. Steve Conard designed a card called Alchor's Tome, which was fitting because Alchor was a great and powerful magician. But in a file somewhere along the line "Tome" was misspelled as "Tomb." No one caught the mix-up, and the artist painted exactly what he was told to: a tomb. With that art, there was no other option but to leave it as Alchor's Tomb.

Peter was amused by the implication that Alchor was dead, stating, "It's appropriate; I seldom get a chance to play anymore since I started Wizards of the Coast."

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