Top 8 Pilgrims

Posted in Arcana on November 26, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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Tomorrow is a pretty special day here in the United States. Thanksgiving is a national day of, um, thanks, where families and friends gather together to eat, drink, and be merry, all thanks to a meal shared by some pilgrims and Native Americans way back when.

Whether there's much historical basis for watching football and eating turkey, there's no doubt the lore behind the pilgrims' meal culturally speaks to Thanksgiving.

Now, here at, we like combining holidays and themes at every possible turn. So what choice do we have during Top 8 week, the day before Thanksgiving, but to give you the Top 8 Pilgrims?

No choice at all, I say. No choice at all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

8. Pilgrim of Virtue

7. Pilgrim of Justice

6. Samite Pilgrim

5. Pilgrim's Eye

4. Heliod's Pilgrim

3. Nearheath Pilgrim

2. Avacyn's Pilgrim

1. Ashling the Pilgrim

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