Posted in Arcana on June 23, 2010

By Monty Ashley

You're probably familiar with the Rise of the Eldrazi card Transcendent Master. But just to jog your memory, here it is again:

Transcendent Master | Art by Steve Belledin

Why show you this art today? There are two reasons. First, it looks great all blown up like that. And second, there's something interesting in the art description.

Color: White creature

Location: unimportant

Action: This card represents a holy man who has "ascended" and become a demigod. As a simple holy man, he started off looking like the figure in the Zendikar styleguide on p. 35L. But now he floats a few inches off the ground, robes flowing as though underwater. The sun is directly behind his head, and where his hooded face used to be there is now only pure light. Perhaps there's a larger, ghostly "echo" of him in the sky behind him.

Focus: the holy man who has achieved transcendence

Mood: Epic, divine power

Did you see it? Let's look at that art description again.

Perhaps there's a larger, ghostly "echo" of him in the sky behind him.

Wait a minute! Scroll back up to the top and look at that picture again. Now scroll back down here. There is a ghostly, hooded figure in the sky! Wow!

And while we're on the subject, you might be wondering about the identity of this mysterious "35L." Well, after literally minutes of searching, it turns out that the master, before he because transcendent, looked something like this.

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