A Trap's Inspiration

Posted in Arcana on November 9, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Zendikar wasn't the first appearance of traps in Magic. A quick Gatherer search will reveal the existence of Traproot Kamis and Trapjaw Kelpies, and Trappers of the Ballynock Trapper, Benalish Trapper, Dauthi Trapper, and Rathi Trapper varieties. There are even Giant Trap Door Spiders and, if you squint, Kongming's Contraptions and Extraplanar Lenses to look out for.

But there's one pre-Zendikar trap that has a striking similarity to the deadly peril that awaits adventurers in the latest set. Can you think of what it is?

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Pit Trap
Pitfall Trap

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