Twisted Reflections

Posted in Arcana on May 29, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

As you might have heard once or twice, Shadowmoor is like the dark reflection of Lorwyn. And that's played out in a few key Shadowmoor cards that were concepted as explicit mirrors of Lorwyn cards. But (like all reflections, really), they're reversed.

Balloonists and Harpoonists

In Lorwyn, the Kinsbaile Balloonist flies around, cheerfully giving other creatures rides through the air. Flip the switch, and you get the much less friendly Kinscaer Harpoonist shooting them out of the sky.

Kinsbaile Balloonist
Kinscaer Harpoonist

Here's the Kinsbaile Balloonist. Click on the "Darken" button to Shadowmoor it up.

Click to Darken!

Click to Lighten!


Not all of the "mirror" cards are strict mechanical flip-flops. Rhys, the legendary elf, appears in both Morningtide and Shadowmoor as two cards with linked flavor and art, although his abilities aren't linked so closely.

Rhys the Exiled
Rhys the Redeemed

This time, since Rhys isn't "redeemed" until Shadowmoor, we're starting with the darker one.

Click to Lighten!

Click to Darken!

Incremental Reflections

Probably the purest reflection is between Lorwyn's Incremental Growth and Shadowmoor's Incremental Blight:

Incremental Growth
Incremental Blight

Click to Darken!

Click to Lighten!

Another Way to Darken

While we're on the subject of "dark reflections", we thought we'd mention that from time to time, cards get new art that can change the mood of the card dramatically. Consider the case of the Bog Wraith:

Bog Wraith
Bog Wraith

Click to Daarken!

Click to Menges!

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