Two Adnates

Posted in Arcana on July 23, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

We've shown instances where two different cards got their art from the same illustration (Gallantry/Repentant Vampire, Stronghold Biologist/Stronghold Machinist), but there are also instances where one card used the same picture… twice!

Years ago, commons were often printed with more than one picture (Fallen Empires and Alliances were the frontrunners in this practice). Sometimes the pictures were all done by different artists (like the four Thallid cards in Fallen Empires), sometimes by the same artist (Terese Nielsen drew both Alliances' Elvish Rangers), and sometimes they were taken from the same painting.

The two versions of Soldevi Adnate from Alliances were taken from one large illustration by Chris Rush. The full image is below.

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