Uncon 2003 Prize Sketches

Posted in Arcana on September 18, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Wizards.COMmunity's online convention, Uncon, featured several Magic tournaments and contests. Pete Venters, Magic artist since the time of Mightstone, was so kind as to autograph and sketch on the back of some artist's proofs for some of the winners. (An artist's proof is like a regular Magic card, but has a plain white back instead of a Magic card back.) Today's Arcana shows off some samples of those coveted prizes.

Spelljack sketch won by "Stud Bracelet," first place in the "Tog Block" tourney
Skirk Marauder sketch won by "Sim User," first place in the Type 1.5 Highlander tourney

Defiant Elf sketch won by "Wulfgar911," first place in the Type 2 Peasant Magic tourney
Baron Sengir sketch won by "Armadillo King," first place in the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions

Congratulations to all the winners at Uncon 2003!

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