Unfinished Playtest Cards

Posted in Arcana on March 31, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Here at Magic Arcana Headquarters, we have vast stores of old promotional material and playtest cards that we dip into to provide you with joy on a daily basis. Today, though, we've got some playtest cards that you were never meant to see.

Based on certain textual clues, we think these were probably cards that had to be added to the playtest file before the design process had been completed. Enjoy!

Curse You!

First of all, this playtest card is miscut. So that's kind of annoying. Also, it employs a mechanic that we at Arcana Headquarters cannot identify at all. So this card has very little to tell us about the creation of "Earth," which went on to become Champions of Kamigawa.

White Patroller

Sometimes, the people in design aim a little high and have to have their numbers tweaked a little by the developers. In this case, we're guessing that gaining over four million life every time you play a white creature was a little powerful.

Sunrise Suzerain

Frankly, we have no idea why this card was changed. Who doesn't want a pony?

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