Unglued's Chicken Motif

Posted in Arcana on August 17, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Chickens in Unglued Art
(Click each picture to see the larger art. The chickens are circled in case you're chicken-challenged.)

Click to enlarge
Charm School art by Kaja Foglio

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Hurloon Wrangler art by Kaja Foglio

Click to enlarge
Mirror Mirror art by Kaja Foglio

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Sorry art by Kaja Foglio

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Spatula of the Ages art by Melissa A. Benson

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Strategy, Schmategy art by Daniel Gelon

Owl? Crow? Seagull? Not funny.

Chicken? Instant funny.

One of the running themes in Unglued is chickens. There are more of the traditionally funny fowl in the set than you might think, however: they appear not just in the type line, but also in Unglued art (especially that of Kaja Foglio), flavor text, and rules text. Here's a list of Unglued cards that support the chicken theme. Also, click the pictures at right for high-resolution images of some finger-lickin' chicken art.

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