Unhinged Art Parodies

Posted in Arcana on November 18, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

The art of Unhinged is full of Magic in-jokes, including some card illustrations that are direct parodies of older cards. In most cases, the original artist was commissioned to re-do their original piece for the Unhinged set's devious purposes.

Art by Mark Tedin
Take, for example, this somber fellow. Obviously a take on Mark Tedin's original Necropotence.

Art by Christopher Moeller
Chris Moeller riffed on his own Meddling Mage for this one.

Art by Darrell Riche
Darrell Riche updated Scott M. Fischer's Mother of Runes for her tough new Unhinged incarnation.

Art by Greg Staples
Art by Greg Staples
And Greg Staples updated an rk post classic for this piece.

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