Unseen Legends in Time Spiral

Posted in Arcana on November 16, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Most of the legends in Time Spiral are front-and-center, nestled cozily inside the borders of their own card.

But some make their presence known more obliquely. Jedit Ojanen, a fierce legendary cat warrior from the Legends set, is referenced only through Jedit's Dragoons.

The cat warrior Jedit, and the Dragoons he inspired, years later - Jedit Ojanen art by Mark Poole

In a controversial move, Jedit left his tribe of fellow cat warriors to join the Robaran Mercenaries, and later battles the evil lord Johan (see the comic book for more). The tribe he left behind may have learned a lesson in survival, because Jedit's Dragoons are still kicking around Dominaria.

Like Jedit, Jacques le Vert isn't timeshifted into the set himself, but he shows up on Pendelhaven Elder's flavor text. Jacques, Pendelhaven and Pendelhaven Elder all share the theme of protecting fellow forest-dwellers.

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