Unwrap the Theme Decks

Posted in Arcana on December 14, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

To hold you over during magicthegathering.com’s holiday break (remember, the site goes into “Best Of” mode next week), today we drop upon you a pile of Arcana-licious presents. You need only tear through their wrapping, then proceed straightaway with the dancing about the room in your footie pajamas.

Because today we unleash a little Planar Chaos.


It’s generally rectangular except for a flap sticking up on one side, it’s heavy for its size, it doesn’t “shake,” it’s—a display of Planar Chaos theme decks!

Ooh, presents are fun. Let’s delve deeper. Let’s rip out one of those theme decks and destroy some cellophane. Unwrap.

Woot. It appears to be some sort of large, flying lizard. Should we wait and let our siblings get a turn to open something? It’s the holidays, after all. That would be the mature, giving thing to—NO! Give us another! Unwrap!

Huh. Well. Is that…? Nevermind, no time to speculate! Another! Unwrap!

Mono-blue, eh? Ixidor? And what’s the art there… hmm. Nevermind, there’s one more present in the box! Gleemax will keep track of things for thank-you notes later! Onward! Unwrap!

There’s wrapping paper all over the living room and it’s time for a little holiday music and some late breakfast. Bask a little in your post-holiday wreckage and circle January 20-21, 2007 a few hundred times on your calendar. Planar Chaos is about to reign.

Planar Chaos products (including these theme decks) hit shelves February 2, 2007.

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