Urami token art

Posted in Arcana on June 14, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

In a set full of dramatic game-enders (Epic spells, enormous Maro legends, and the uber-spiritcraft Kirin, to name a few), Saviors of Kamigawa's Tomb of Urami is right at home. Want to declare the game over right now? Tap some lands, throw all of them into the bin, and say hello to your shiny, new, legendary, flying, black, 5/5, Demon Spirit token.

Tomb of Urami

Saviors is full of ways to say "game over."

The concept behind Tomb of Urami is that it is the sealed and warded resting-place of the long-dead demon Urami. If you use its second ability, Urami breaks free, blasts a smoking crater in all the lands around its tomb, and wakes up to do your bidding.

The prison that held the demon Urami.

Here's the art, also by Alex Horley-Orlandelli, commissioned for the 5/5 Urami token, which you'll see inside Magic Online once Saviors of Kamigawa releases there on June 27th.

Hi, I just woke up after millenia of imprisonment
and I'm... cranky.

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