Wall of Mythic Rares: Lorthos

Posted in Arcana on April 13, 2011

By Monty Ashley

Return with us now to the Wall of Mythic Rares, where we watch what happens when the mythic rares of Zendikar got thrown up on the wall for all of R&D to see. To see, and to improve!

Today's entrant is Lorthos, the Tidemaker, or, as it was known at the time, "Loruthos, the Deeplord."

Loruthos had two things that needed to stay unchanged: it needed to be a Legendary Octopus, and it needed as many eights on it as possible.

The Notes

As always, the authors of these comments are anonymous. This is partly to protect them and partly because nobody signed their notes anyway.


Mana Cost: 4UUUU

Up to 8?

Also, if you choose Loruthos as one of the 8, he can never untap?

Change "8T:" to "5UUU T:" and make it Tap "up to" eight permanents.

Take the "8" off the activation.

Now that's appealing!

And here's how the card ended up!

Lorthos, the Tidemaker

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