Watching the Panopticon

Posted in Arcana on December 2, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Consider the Panopticon. Here, we'll show you the card so you can consider it more easily.

Here's what the art for Panopticon looks like, shorn of its Planechase trappings.

Panopticon art by John Avon

On Earth, a "panopticon" is a structure for a prison in which the guards stay at the center and can see into any cell at any time. On the plane of Mirrodin, it's a massive tower (occupied by Memnarch) from which the entire plane can be viewed. You might know it better as the Darksteel Citadel.

Darksteel Citadel
Darksteel Citadel art by John Avon

Ah, but what about those growths that are all around the tower in the Panopticon art? You can see a couple of them in the distant background of Darksteel Citadel, but there's a better view of them on Mirrodin's Core.

Mirrodin's Core
Darksteel Citadel art by Greg Staples

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