Welcome to the Barony

Posted in Arcana on December 29, 2010

By Monty Ashley

We're taking a two-week holiday break and will be back with new stuff on Monday, January 3, 2011. Until then, please enjoy our favorite Arcanas of 2010. This article originally ran August 10, 2010.

Say, have you been wondering about Barony Vampire? Wondering where she could be, who she is with, and all that sort of thing? Wondering, specifically, what this Barony is?

Barony Vampire

Barony Vampire | Art by Daarken

Well, if you played Planechase, you're probably way ahead of us. But don't tell anybody the answer. We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise that's coming up just after the end of ... this ... sentence.

The Dark Barony | Art by Pete Venters

Of course, the story doesn't start with Planechase, because the barony in question is under the thrall of none other than Baron Sengir!

Baron Sengir

Baron Sengir | Art by Pete Venters

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