What's Annul annulling?

Posted in Arcana on January 6, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

When Annul, the Urza's Saga counterspell that targets artifact and enchantment spells, was reprinted in Mirrodin, new art was commissioned for it. Brian Snoddy got the assignment of illustrating the reprint, and when he read Annul's art description --

This spell disassembles an artifact before it's even fully "summoned."

-- he decided to depict another Mirrodin artifact being "pre-disassembled" in its art. Can you recognize the artifact? Here's Annul:


And here's the artifact Annul is countering. It's Chromatic Sphere -- another Mirrodin reprint illustrated by Brian Snoddy!

Chromatic Sphere

It remains to be seen whether anyone has actually Annuled a Chromatic Sphere in a game of Magic, however.

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