When name = creature type

Posted in Arcana on November 24, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Some no-nonsense creature cards just come out and say what they are right in their name. How many cards can you think of that have the same name as creature type?

Several cards with one-word names share that word with their creature type, such as Orgg, Cockatrice, Clone, Fungusaur, Nekrataal, and Nightmare.

Other cards with multiple-word names have a creature type that is the same string of words (in each of these cases, in their Oracle text, the creature type has been changed to a single hyphenated word). See for example Will-O'-The-Wisp, Ali from Cairo, Gaea's Liege, Ali Baba, Ambush Party, Ball Lightning, El-Hajjaj, Flying Men... oh, just read the list of creature types that Mistform Ultimus is and look for just about anything with a hyphen.

But there are very few cards that have both a multiple-word name and a group of separate creature subtypes that exactly match. Legions' Goblin Assassin is the big winner here. Whether Legends' Cat Warriors (which actually, according to its Oracle text, is a Cat Warrior, singular) counts is up to you. (As printed, as you can see in the pic below, its creature type is Cat Warriors.)

Goblin Assassin
Cat Warriors

No points for guessing Bird Maiden or Goblin Mutant - they don't actually count as a Bird or a Mutant, respectively. Some more recent "near misses" include Dragon Mage, which is a Dragon Wizard, and Vedalken Archmage, which is a Vedalken Wizard. Those crafty (ahem) Wizards.

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