The Winds of Esper

Posted in Arcana on October 13, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

As a quick glance through the Shards of Alara card list will show, the people of Esper love their devices. Well, technically they are devices, but that's not what we mean. We're talking about the capsules, Etherium Astrolabe, and Mindlock Orb that have been built to measure... something.

Many of the devices, like the Etherium Astrolabe, exist to measure the twenty-three winds of Esper. This wind is considered by the Vedalken to have mystical significance, and who's to say they're wrong? They are superintelligent magicians, after all. They might be onto something.

Here are a few cards where the wind itself can be seen either having an effect or being measured:

Coma Veil art by Dan Scott
Etherium Astrolabe art by Michael Bruinsma
Immortal Coil art by Dan Scott

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