Wizards.com through the years

Posted in Arcana on March 3, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Magicthegathering.com isn't the only site that gets redesigned from time to time. The Wizards.com home page (www.wizards.com), home to news, events, promotions and announcements from all games and departments of Wizards of the Coast, has gotten its fair share of facelifts as well. In fact, the look of the Wizards.com front page has changed just about every year since its shaky beginnings in 1996. Let's take a walk down the digital memory lane, shall we?

Wizards.com home page circa 1996
1996: Hey, come on, be nice. It was 1996.
Wizards.com home page circa 1997
1997: A frames-based site focused more on recent releases than on whitespace. Or on the color white in general.
Wizards.com home page circa 1998
1998: The pendulum swings back in the direction of a static page, this time with a heavy graphic. File sizes weighed in at over 50 kilobytes! Tempers flare!
Wizards.com home page circa 1999
1999: The pendulum swings back to information again, and informational updates for all Wizards brands are showcased.
Wizards.com home page circa 2000
2000: The look from 1999 remains, but as web technologies change, the back-end is starting to show its age.
Wizards.com home page circa 2001
2001: Information everywhere. The back-end of the front page is now running from a powerful XML engine (as are all Wizards.com sites).
Wizards.com home page circa 2002
2002: This year sees a subtle shift from purple to a blue color scheme in the front page, but the general layout persists.
Wizards.com home page, 2003-Present
2003 to Present: The pendulum has swung back in favor of a graphical, uncluttered look, with more emphasis on direct navigation to each game (such as Magic: The Gathering).

What will the future hold for the Wizards.com home page?

Special thanks to the Wayback Machine.

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