The WotC Dragon Moves

Posted in Arcana on October 17, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

As you've probably read, Wizards of the Coast is moving to a new building this week, so most of is bringing you classic Mirage content while we pack up our computers and move to the new place.

But for today's Arcana, we thought we'd share some photos from July of one particularly sensitive part of the move process: The Dragon.

If you've ever been to the Wizards of the Coast offices, you'd notice the Dragon. It's an enormous crimson-and-copper-scaled beast in a threatening attack posture, suspended in the air above the front reception desk. It's there to say, "Hi, you've come to Wizards of the Coast. We like games here. And if you don't play nice, I'll eat you." It's beloved by each and every employee (well, with the possible exception of some talented folks in our Facilities department who you'll see below), so obviously it had to move along with the company.

Here are some shots we'd like to call, "The Flight of the WotC Dragon Across Lind Avenue."

Photo by John Hargrove
The Dragon in its old position, hovering over South Reception.

Setting up the scaffolding to take the Dragon down.

Opening the back of the Dragon.

Hooking up cables to the Dragon's spine.

Barry Holldorf, director of Facilities, helps out.

Hans Rosta, Facilities project manager, gives the Dragon a quick snack.

Bringing up the lift.

We are outta here.

Prepare the crossing guards.
(The new offices will be at a shiny new building across the street.)

Why did the Dragon cross the road?

Arriving at the new home.

The Dragon lets loose a mighty roar. We think that means he likes it.

Positioning the Dragon at the new location. "What did you do at work today, honey?"

The new home. Looks good.

The Dragon has flown the nest. Bye, old WotC building!

Tune in all this week for classic content. We return live on Monday, October 24th. Good luck at Champs!

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