Zendikar: Then and Now

Posted in Arcana on September 28, 2015

By Michael Yichao

Yichao is a writer of words for plays, television, theme parks, and—most recently—Magic: The Gathering. He loves Cube Draft and corgis.

Quite a bit has changed since the last time we were on Zendikar. The world has been consumed with chaos following the release of the Eldrazi titans, and now the plane stands on the brink of annihilation. The battle rages on, and it's unclear if the Zendikari can survive.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and see what cards from the original Zendikar have returned, and how they have evolved!


Ulamog is back, and scarier than ever. He's shaved one mana off his casting cost and is ready to devastate some Zendikari!


Drana has returned as well, and has a wicked story of her latest trials as the Eldrazi devastation continues. Her new card is a pretty big departure from the last time we saw her.


If you're a regular reader of Uncharted Realms, home of the stories of Magic, you'd know that Kiora stole a legendary weapon from a certain god of Theros since last we saw her. Now she is back on her home plane, wielding the bident's powers!


Ob Nixilis began as a Planeswalker, then lost his spark, becoming trapped on Zendikar. Last we saw him, he was still without a spark—but here he is in Battle for Zendikar as a Planeswalker again! How did he reignite his spark? You'll have to follow Uncharted Realms and find out . . .


Omnath got ANGRY. And apparently, when Omnath is angry, he's not as much about growing bigger as he is about creating many friends who blow up if you kill them. Yup.


Plated Geopede grew up into a Tunneling Geopede! Or . . . maybe they're just cousins.


Packs of Gnarlids have given way to solitary snapping ones. Are the Eldrazi to blame? Or is this just one curmudgeonly old loner Gnarlid? WHO CAN SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF THE GNARLID?

You can ponder these and other mysteries of Zendikar as you play in the Battle for Zendikar Launch Weekend events, October 2 through 4! You can also keep up to date on the latest stories about your favorite Zendikar characters with Uncharted Realms on the Battle for Zendikar story page. (I personally am waiting with bated breath for the story all about Geopedes and Gnarlids.)

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