Art of the Alternate Past

Posted in Arcana on February 1, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Planar Chaos features timeshifted cards that resemble older cards, but twisted into a new color. The art of these cards often references the original in some way, or other past cards to flavor.

Check out the art of two graveyard-manipulation spells—one a spell from Ice Age, the other timeshifted in Planar Chaos.

Shrouded Lore art by Kev Walker – Forgotten Lore art by Harold McNeill
Shrouded Lore
Forgotten Lore

Similarly, these two durable rare flyers share an intentionally similar composition:

Molten Firebird art by Christopher Moeller – Ivory Gargoyle art by Quinton Hoover
Molten Firebird
Ivory Gargoyle

It’s not just the art of Planar Chaos’s timeshifted cards that look back in time for inspiration. Note how Jim Nelson’s Ana Battlemage has the same kind of barklike skin covering as Matt Cavotta’s Anavolver.

Ana Battlemage

And Jim Nelson looked at an older piece for Muck Drubb, too—this time not for a direct mechanical link at all, but rather a similar composition and mood. Can you see the resemblance to a creature from Magic’s past?


Blood Pet
Muck Drubb


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