Artists around since the Ice Age

Posted in Arcana on August 5, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Ice Age was released over nine years ago, but many of Magic's veteran artists have been going strong all that time. These artist old-timers (as we lovingly refer to them) bring amazing consistency, experience and creativity to the look of Magic, and some of them are highlighted in today's Arcana. Take a peek at a few samples of their work from then and now.

Artist Example art from Ice Age Example art from Mirrodin block
Rob Alexander
Illusionary Terrain
Beacon of Immortality
Randy Gallegos
Auriok Salvagers
Heather Hudson
Giant Trap Door Spider
Molder Slug
Christopher Rush
Snow-covered Plains
Joiner Adept
Brian Snoddy
Chaos Lord
Rustmouth Ogre
Ron Spencer
Sibilant Spirit
Crucible of Worlds
Mark Tedin
Stench of Evil
Myr Matrix
Pete Venters
Desecration Elemental

Thanks to those who've worked so hard over the years to bring the Magic world so vibrantly to life!

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