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Posted in Feature on December 10, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: I was just curious as to what the descriptions were for some of my favorite card art, specifically Bridge from Below (Modern Masters) and Counterbalance? —JR

A: Mike McArtor, copy editor, DailyMTG:

This is a fun question to answer because delving into Multiverse—our internal database that holds this kind of information—is always educational and entertaining. Here's what Multiverse tells us:

Bridge from Below

Color: Black-mana spell
Location: see below
Action: We see a series of floating stones that form a staircase that rises up out of a sinister void. The void swirls with sickly, deep purple smoke. On the magic staircase, one or two faceless undead humanoids can be seen plodding upward.
Focus: the scene
Mood: a slow, eerie procession toward undeath


Color: Blue
Location: NA
Action: A spell flies through the air towards a mage. That mage has just thrown a illusionary copy of that spell at that spell. When the two collide they will both fizzle. The mage need not be shown.
Focus: The two spells
Mood: matter-antimatter collision

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