Ask Wizards - Tuesday, June 17

Posted in NEWS on June 17, 2014

By Mike McArtor

Mike first played with Ice Age and became the copy editor for in December 2011. Before DailyMTG, he was an editor on D&D's Dragon magazine for four years.

Hello! You probably have noticed that something has changed here at DailyMTG! For a rundown of what's changed, check out Trick Jarrett's feature.

Moving forward, our plan is to make Ask Wizards a monthly feature. It will continue to be your chance to ask us questions and have them answered, though.

If you'd like to submit your question, please email it to We aren't able to answer every question we receive (see below), but if we can, it might show up in the coming months!

Q: How can I get my question answered?

A: Mike McArtor, DailyMTG copy editor:

Once upon a time (I am told; this was before I took over the Ask Wizards email inbox), we were flooded with questions from fans and players, and the real challenge of the article each week was in narrowing down which question(s) to answer.

That is no longer the case. For the two years I've been compiling Ask Wizards, we've seen fewer and fewer questions coming in.

My guess as to why would be the rise of the more social aspects of the Internet. For example, Senior Creative Designer Doug Beyer (A Voice for Vorthos), Head Designer Mark Rosewater (Blogatog), and Experience Designer Gavin Verhey (GavInsight) all have Tumblrs in which they answer readers' questions. And for shorter questions, you can find many members of R&D on Twitter.

But we still want to answer your questions! If you've sent a question in the past and we haven't answered it, there is a reason. Here are the most common reasons a question goes unanswered:

  1. It's asking for information about the future. We announce future products, and preview those products, on a schedule. We aren't going to scoop ourselves in Ask Wizards.
  2. It's asking for information about the distant past. On the other hand, we occasionally get questions about cards or sets years (or sometimes decades) out of print and not particularly pertinent to the current day.
  3. It's been answered elsewhere. This happens a lot, actually. If I know the link and I have the time, I'll respond directly to you. Sometimes, those questions prompt us to include questions and answers from Doug's or Mark's Tumblrs.
  4. It's a request for a reprint. We don't get too many of these, but they do happen. R&D carefully considers what cards get reprinted, and when. Putting in a request doesn't help a card's chances. (I've tried!)
  5. It's a really specific rules question. We do send more general rules questions on to Rules Manager Matt Tabak to be answered, as you might have seen here before. Questions about specific board states that don't have a wider audience aren't likely to get answered here, but you can send those to our excellent customer support department.
  6. It's a "why" question. We can't usually share the reasoning behind our decisions. The exceptions are often addressed in our articles here on DailyMTG, such as in Making Magic or Latest Developments .
  7. It's been forwarded. There are times when we get interesting questions best answered in Making Magic or Latest Developments, for example, so I send those along to Mark Rosewater or Sam Stoddard, respectively. Other questions get forwarded on to people in departments that could best answer them.

All that said, we still get questions we can answer, and we look forward to answering them for you in the coming months!