Barren Glory

Posted in Arcana on April 25, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

You may recognize Future Sight's Barren Glory as a tournament-legal version of the Unglued enchantment The Cheese Stands Alone.

Barren Glory

Like its predecessor, Barren Glory thrives in desperate situations. If you can rid yourself of your hand, your lands, and all your permanents other than Barren Gloryand wait patiently until your next upkeep—you can win the game.

To reinforce the card's mechanic, the art of Barren Glory depicts a scene of both desolation and hope. The desolation of Dominaria's salt plains mimics the desolation of your empty hand and sacrificed board. The hope is the promise of winning the game outright—but what's the element of hope shown in the art? What part shows the Glory?

Barren Glory Barren Glory art by Dave Kendall

See how light streams down from the clouds, causing a glow around an encampment of survivors? Now take another look. It's not just a random pattern of light and shadow. In fact, a benevolent hand of light is draped over the encampment, the hand of a powerful being with a mission of protection. See it?

When you're sacrificing permanents right and left in an attempt to achieve some Barren Glory, all might seem hopeless. But in a sense, you're holding your own hand over that little survivor camp, willing it to struggle through the enemy attackers and disenchant effects, that one day it might prove to win the day.

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