Battle Royale

Posted in Feature on August 14, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Collector's Highlights

  • Battle Royale contains 4 evenly matched 40 card decks designed specifically for multiplayer Magic.
  • Each deck contains white-bordered, reprinted cards (2 rare, 8 uncommon & 30 common cards).
  • The Battle Royale box itself is designed as a card box to hold more than 700 cards.

Game Feature

Battle Royale includes the most official set of rules for multiplayer Magic play, plus two quick-reference rules cards.


The Battle Royale set contains 4 decks of 40 cards, each deck constructed for balanced multiplayer play.

Exclusive Battle Royale Desktop Images

You'll need every facet of your personality to survive a Battle Royale™ game.

Diplomat. Comedian. Traitor.

The Battle Royale box set brings all of the maneuvering and outright conniving of multiplayer play straight to your gaming table.

Four perfectly balanced decks specifically designed for multiplayer games. Countless ways to win. Or lose.

Battle Royale - All at once.
Once and for all.

Famous Cards

Multiplayer Magic has a level of strategy and fun not found in a standard two-player game. Cards that are dangerous in a two-player game become downright NASTY in multiplayer.

That's why we've included famous multiplayer cards in our decks like Wrath of God, Land Tax and Llurgoyf.

If it's a classic multiplayer card then chances are it's in one of these decks.

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