Battle of the Undefeated

Posted in NEWS on June 28, 2014

By Olle Rade

The last exciting round of the day saw eight players duel for the perfect record of 9-0. And to see the players, and decks, that have come this far is always a pleasure. Would it be a battle of rares? Had someone opened an insane Red/White aggressive deck capable of crazy fast starts? And who would leave the site with the biggest smiles on their faces? We were soon to find out.


Mikael Magnusson (Black/White) vs. Richard Hornansky (Red/Green)


Swede Mikael Magnusson started the day early here in Milan. Since he had no byes he has been fighting valiantly with his deck all day and just kept on winning. In the last round he was up against Slovak Richard Hornansky, just as eager to claim the title of undefeated.

Magnusson took the first game with early removal for Hornansky's assorted creatures, and could follow up with an Ornitarch, a solid threat against a Green deck unable to deal with fliers.

In Game Two Hornansky was first out with Deathbellow Raiders and Sigiled Skink. But Magnusson's defense of Grim Guardian and Great Hart matched up strongly against them. Once the board was stabilized Magnusson once again took it to the air with Ornitarch. It looked like Hornansky had the trump though in Stormbreath Dragon, but Magnusson was quick the kill it with Nightmarish End, leaving plenty of room for puns about how his opponent met his end.


Mikael Magnusson beats Richard Hornansky 2-0


Francesco Brigaglia (Blue/White) vs. Timothée Simonot (Blue/Green)

The battle of Italy and France was all about one card – Arbor Colossus. In Game One Simonot got down his giant Green monster early, and Brigaglia and his flying army was unable to answer it. Game Two looked like the Italian would work his way back in the match with a lightning fast start featuring Loyal Pegasus and Wingsteed Rider. But Simonot calmly build a board with Nyxborn Wolf, Nimbus Naiad and Oracle's Insight. A timely Griptide on Brigaglia's Wingsteed Rider gave him the time he needed to stabilize, and in the end Arbor Colossus once again sealed the deal. The Frenchman earning big hugs from his friend and countryman Pierre Dagen.


Timothée Simonot beats Francesco Brigaglia 2-0


Lucas Blohon (Red/White) vs. Flavio Koepfli (Red/Green)


Lucas Blohon was looking to take the lead with his Red/White aggressive deck, curving Favored Hoplite into Pensive Minotaur, still holding an Akroan Line Breaker and Supply-Line Cranes. But Swiss Koepfly had other plans as he cast Noble Quarry, enchanted it with Feral Invocation and followed up with Pheres-Band Thunderhoof and Time to Feed taking the game. For the second one, Blohon changed his deck, like he has been all day, to Blue/Black, but not even a Chorus of Tides with Ordeal of Thassa, Fate Foretold and Nyxborn Triton on it could race Koepfli's Centaur Battlemaster, pumped by an infinite amount of triggers.


Flavio Koepfli defeats Lucas Blohon 2-0

Robbin Boer (Red/White) vs. Sergey V Ryaboshuk (Green/White)


Dutch Robbin Boer was looking almost as good as the Dutch National Football team when he took the first game against Russian Sergey Ryasboshuk. His Ornitarch enhanced by Ordeal of Heliod easily raced Ryaboshuk's attempts of Boon Satyr, Fated Intervention and Ordeal of Nylea. In Game Two and Three however the tables turned, and the Green/White monsters were too big and too many for the aggressive Red/White deck to handle. The key card in the final game being an Akroan Mastiff, able to hold off Boer's Wingsteed Rider, and forcing him to cast the Celestial Archon in his hand rather than pumping his Wingsteed Rider, losing both value and the game in the process.


Sergey V Ryaboshuk beats Robbin Boer 2-1