Behind the Card: Earwig Squad

Posted in Arcana on February 26, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to "Behind the Card", where we look at what's going on in one of your favorite cards *. Today, Earwig Squad. Go!

Artist Portfolio

Warren Mahy is a fairly new Magic artist, debuting in Guildpact with Blind Hunter and Exhumer Thrull and illustrating nineteen cards in Lorwyn and Morningtide.

Art Description

Here's the description that was given to Warren for Earwig Squad (which was called "Earwigger Squad" at the time)

Color: Black creature
Location: marsh
Action: Show 2 or 3 boggarts bounding through their marsh home. Each of them carries an "earwigger," a boggart device of your design used to insert an earwig insect into an unsuspecting victim's ear. It should look simple enough that a dimwitted boggart could build it, yet creepy for the victim. Perhaps we see extra earwigs climbing on the boggarts, or used as jewelry.
Focus: The boggarts
Mood: The earwigger squad is on the prowl -- horrible pranks are afoot


Warren focuses on the rampaging boggarts with the bugs (mostly) captured at the ends of their poles.

Earwig Squad

Final Art

In the final art, the attitudes of the boggarts has changed a little. The lead boggart seems more crazed, while the one in the back has that touch of eagerness that you like to see in your rampaging band of brain-eating-bug-wielders. You know a bug is bad news when even the frogs give it a wide berth!

Earwig Squad


And here's the final product. Now that you know the whole story, it's kind of gross, isn't it?

Earwig Squad

* Well, one of our favorite cards, anyway.

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