Blood Moon Rising

Posted in NEWS on June 18, 2014

By Adam Prosak

From Friday Night Magic to the Pro Tour, Adam Prosak loves all types of tournament Magic. Currently, Adam is working in R&D as a developer.

"Cycle Deadshot Minotaur. Cycle Street Wraith."

You settle in for a game against Living End. You prepare to put your own creatures in the graveyard to make the Living End not so one-sided. You try not to overcommit creatures to the battlefield.

"Cast Blood Moon."

Wait, what? You didn't expect this. Living End doesn't PLAY Blood Moon! Oh well, this basic land will help you cast some spells, and hopefully they will be enough.

"Avalanche Riders, target your basic land"

You've been had.

Modern is a format where the unexpected can be a potent advantage. Putting Blood Moon into a place where it is not expected is a perfect example of catching opponents by surprise. Land cyclers such as Pale Recluse and Twisted Abomination can help get the Forest and a Swamp so the pilot can operate under Blood Moon.

BigJake64's Living End

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